Hi there, my name is Marcus and I am a semi professional Fine Art  Portrait and Urban Architecture photographer based close to Cambridge.

I live with my beautiful wife Hannah and between us we have three great boys, Kyle, Bailey and Korben. Also not forgetting our three dogs Pippa, Odie and Mack

I have over 6 years experience in photography but I'm constantly studying and learning different forms of photography, I've also undertaken numerous courses all of which have all enhanced my knowledge in many different ways.

Over the course of these 6 years i have found a passion for shooting urban architecture, mainly abandoned buildings around the UK and Europe. Many people would never see these buildings and I love capturing the beauty of these places after they have being left to the elements for years and the decay that has set in. These places just fascinate me and I feel that each and every one has their own story to tell and i hope that this comes across in my photography.

Over the last couple of years I've also been shooting Portraits, its a form of photography that has always fascinated me, so i thought id turn my hand to it, i love the coming together of the photographer and model and creating something awesome.

My passion is a fine-art style using big-dresses when portraits. Sometimes i try and combine the Urban locations with the Portraits. Lately I've also been shooting lingerie and implied style, this is a new style for me but one I'm enjoying and will continue to add this to my portfolio

I love to hear from people interested in what I do or if you just want to say hi, To get in touch you can just send me a message by email or just contact me through one of the social media sites below.