Every so often you manage to shoot a photograph that i class as a ‘one-of-a-kind’,

whether that because of the location or the composition.

Over the last few years i have been lucky to create some photos that i class as this ‘one-of-a-kind’ kind of photo

Here is my gallery for these shots


I had this image in my mind for months, and there was only ever going to be one model that could match my idea.

Taken in a garden of a national trust location in the uk

Model: Shannon Harwood

‘Too often, the only escape is sleep’

This is my favourite image i have taken to date, Shot in an abandoned millionaire mansion in the UK.

I will be writing a blog post on the story behind this image

Model: B3autiful D3struction


This was taken on a recent trip to Italy, in a stunning Villa that looked like it had been forgot about. The room this was taken in was one of the most stunning rooms i have ever seen in a abandoned building.

Model: Kerry Dickens Dress: Général Guérisse


This has been my favorite photo i’ve taken for a while now, shot in a national trust location in the United Kingdom. The contrast with the white dress and the plants is awesome

Model: Shannon Harwood Dress: Général Guérisse

‘Just let me die’

This one is a definite ‘one-of-a-kind’ type of shot, taken in an abandoned asylum in Italy.

I had this shot in my head for weeks before i went on the trip to Italy. I just had the thought of an patient lost in their own mind all on their own in one of the corridors of this Asylum

Model: Kerry Dickens

‘Blue Princess’

A stunning shot, taken in an abandoned orangery in the UK. I love this shot, the pose, the dress and location works really well.

Model: Olivia Ward Dress:Général Guérisse

‘Rock n Blues’

Another amazing photo, using the same dress but with a different model and much different location. This one was shot near some waterfalls in the UK. This time the dress, location and pose works perfectly

Model: Jordan Melissa Dress:Général Guérisse

‘Crazy Train’

I absolutely love this shot, i had a plan to shoot on a train but once we managed to get on the train we soon realised that there was no room to shoot what i had planed. So we came up with a new idea on the spot and it turned out incredible. Set in an abandoned train in the UK.

Model: Kerry Dickens

‘Make the voices stop’

Another ‘one-of-a-kind’ shots, its not everyday you find yourself in the abandoned bedroom of a old doctor who used to work in a massive asylum in Italy, with a model as good as Kerry who is willing to just do what it takes to get the shot. The theme for this shot someone who has totally lost their mind and has driven themselves insane….

Model: Kerry Dickens