The Italian Job - Part 3

Day 4

Today was going to be a day i have waited for, for a number of years. The first location was one i had wanted to see for ages..

We arrived into town nice and early and made our way to the access, lucky for us it was nice and easy, and there i was standing in Manicomio di Rosetti, “Manicomio” is Italian for Mental hospital. I was excited to wonder around this old Asylum, there was hardly any damage by vandals here so it was only the natural decay and nature reclaiming this place, so its really photogenic.

Manicomio di Rosetti was Built in 1871 the hospital was a transformation of other buildings that were originally a hospital of charitable institutions, and later a military college. The hospital was used to treat the mentally ill, with electroshock therapy used extensively here, along with experimental operations on the nervous system. Facilities included a laboratory of clinical research, one of pathology, one radiology, one of electrotherapy and an operating room for intervention to the nervous system. The asylum closed down in the early 1980s and has been abandoned ever since

Now before i go on i just want to say that this place sits firmly in number one spot of my most favourite explores today, the long corridors with vines growing in through windows, the natural decay, the colours it must have been one hell of a place when it was being used.

We spent 3hrs inside and to be honest i think i could have spent another 3hrs, i’m already planning a revisit, I mainly shot the building while same shot both portraits and the building.

Here is a little gallery of what we manged to shoot (Click to enlarge)

Sadly, it was now time to leave and on to the next awesome location and another tricky/difficult access.

Next up is a location called Teatro Balconi a stunning theatre that looked like it had been left abandoned for a very long time. Getting in this location would involve climbing walls, going through holes and finally using climbing ropes and a ladder to get in, it was interesting to say the least. But sometimes you need to put the effort in to see these incredible locations.

Sadly i couldn’t find any history at all about this grand theatre, it was obvious it had been left to rot for a number of years due to the level of decay inside. But it was one of those locations that defiantly had the wow factor and i’ll just let the photos do the talking….

An incredible theater that has just been left to rot away over time But anyway it was time to leave and head off to our last location of the day and the second Asylum of the day, although this one wouldn’t be as photographic as the first one it was still going to be a good one.

Manicomio di Voghera was built in 1876 in a neoclassical style, and was nicknamed “the Painful City”. This manicomio was huge and has an awful history of hardship amongst its inmates, people were sent there to be hidden from society. Once a patient had been admitted here they very rarely released back into the community, this was mainly down to the ruthless treatment by the founder Cesare Lombroso who’s patients just became ‘lab rats’ for his experiments, where they suffered all kinds of abuse.

Any violent inmates were locked away in a circular area of cells known as the Rotunda. The circular cells arranged around a semi-circular corridor had no corners and the beds were fastened to the ground. The asylum was eventually closed down in the 1990’s

After finding our way in we made our was to the Rotunda first as that was the most photogenic part, then we went off and shot a few dark portraits, soon it was time to head off to find that nights airbnb and some well earned beer, food and sleep.