The First Post

Hello everyone, today is the launch of my new blog.

Throughout this blog im going to be featuring shoots i have taken part in, photographic trips i have been on, news and information on all aspects of photography, interviews and some behind the scenes content, new content will be posted weekly.

I thought id start off with a little introduction and then my second post will be all about a trip to Europe last year which saw me cover 5 countries with a model and another photographer.

So over the last 6 years i have been learning photography, my main subjects have been Architecture and Portrait. For my architecture work i’ve always had a fascination for abandoned buildings, its the mixture of architecture and the unseen that i love, to see slocations not many have seen before and to witness and learn the history of these places.

Portrait is another subject i love shooting, the coming together of photographer and model to create a piece of art, the planning of the shoot and the location. I’ve been lucky of my time shooting portrait to have worked with so many brilliant models and designers. One being Kathleen Guérisse who is just incredible and is also now a very good friend…..more on Kathleen in future blog posts.

Looking forward to the future and there will be more photographic trips to countries i’ve never been to before, more architecture, more collaborations with models and designers, some model trips to Europe. I’m currently working on plans that will hopefully see my first exhibition and towards the end of the year and if all goes to plan my first book.

I look forward to hearing from you, let me know what you think of my work, blog and website. Drop me some suggestions on articles you would like to see. If any models would like to collaborate then please just get in touch, or if anyone just want to say hi drop me a message, i’m on most social media sites (links below).

Thanks Marcus