The Italian Job - Part 2

Day 3

4.30am and my alarm is going off. I reach over and hit snooze and just before i drop back off to sleep i suddenly realise i need to get up and get my stuff together as we at setting off back to Chateau LB at 5am.

So we arrive a little past 6am, park up and start the walk through the woods again. All of us hoping everyone is fast asleep when we get there this time. As we come out through the woods there is an air of silence “awesome” we all say and run over to the access point and within 2 mins we were all inside. As we look around we realise we are in the library so we make our way in to the rest of the building and WOW what a building.

Stunning long corridors, beautiful decor and one of the best spiral stairs i have seen. We headed up to the top of the stairs and waited until the sun came up to give us more light to be able to shoot. Whilst waiting for the light i was able to shoot the spiral stairs


Now the light was there we set about shooting with Kerry and the lovely corridor and piano, always keeping an eye outside to make sure everyone was still asleep and hadn’t seen us inside. After a few more shots of the building and another of the spiral but with Kerry lying on i went for a quick walk around and stumbled on a incredibly stunning chapel, quickly i took the shot and went back to the others, packed up and headed back out and to the car, all very pleased we had manged to get in and out without being seen. With smiles on our faces as we had just nailed our plan for the Chateau completely then we headed off to the last location in France

After stopping off at the last location in France, which to be honest did disappoint a little, i had seen a photo online of a lovely conservatory with a piano in it but when we found it the piano had been removed and renovations had started, we shot a few photos and then left and started off on our long drive through the Alps and into Italy

We decided that we would move to the last location of the day after about a hour of being at the Villa, to tell you the truth i wasn’t looking forward to having to go down the same way we came up but actually it wasn’t half as bad as the way up. We were soon at the bottom and on our way to the final location.

Villa Carpeneto was the name of the next location, this neo-baroque style villa in its current form dates back to the 17th century, but there are records of a building existing on this site date way back to the 15th century. The Graneri family were the first to give the building a makeover back in the 16th/17th century and then another makeover was commissioned in the late 17th century and the work was completed by Francesco Valeriano Dellata di Beinascoa a famous artist.

So this was my second visit to this location and upon entering it appears that some renovation or thieves have been in because the ground floor has all been removed now, and with light fading and we were all tired we decided to just do a couple of architecture shots and then make out way to the Hotel and some well earned beer and food.

As we sat drinking and eating another pizza we talked about the next days activities, the next 2 days were going to be the best of the trip.

To be continued………

After what seemed like the longest trip ever we finally arrived in Turin and our first location of the Italy part of our trip, the first location was called Villa Dell' Oracollo. Now we had been told that the way to this Villa was difficult but wow we never realised just how hard it was going to be. The climb was up a really very steep hill though the vines and brambles and the ground was loose soil so you just couldn’t get a footing, eventually we made the top, knackered and sweating we found our way in to the Villa.

We were greeted by some stunning architecture and colours and a grand entrance with pillars, as we wanted to get to the hotel early today we took no time in setting up our cameras and shooting. Sam went off with Kerry to get some portraits while i shot the building. Unfortunately i was unable to find much history on this one, it must have been one hell of a home when it was occupied.